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My husband became a life member in the early 2000s, so long ago that he can't find his membership card or ID #. And it's been so long since he's received anything from NAFC that we both forgot about the $200+ paid for a lifetime membership.

"Lifetime???" A "lifetime" of 17 years is unreasonable, and had we known that all correspondence from the company would CEASE in less than 20 years, NEVER would he have willingly handed over that kind of money. The pin, the patch, and the "prestigious" membership card are all fine and great, but a bit cheap considering what they ended up costing. This company should be ashamed of themselves. Don't offer a lifetime membership WITH BENEFITS INCLUDING A MONTHLY MAGAZINE (which is the reason the MAJORITY sign up) and then stop production of the magazine.

Explain yourself, NAFC! Is this really the type of reputation you want to have???

Review about: North American Fishing Club Membership.

Reason of review: Товар или услуга не соответствует описанию..

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Sacramento, California, United States #1351881

I totally agree with you. I contacted NAFC back in August of 2015, when I realized that I had not received a NAFC magazine for several months.

I thought that they might be 'testing me' to see if I was still alive! The last magazine that I received from them was the "Winter 2014" issue.

My lifetime membership with the NAFC was bought sometime in the 1990's.

I do not receive any e-mails from them containing the current digital issues, and I just checked; I am a"Premium Member" to their NAFC Subscription, which I consider to be a lifetime subscription.

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